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Artist’s Way: My excuses and guilt trips

I have several paintings that call out to me from time to time. I manage to pass them by.

My excuses:

  1. but the house is messy
  2. the taxes aren’t done
  3. you need income – you can’t afford to spend your time or money on this.

4. It’s just a hobby. Don’t deserve time on a hobby with all these other things undone.

5. I’m not a very good artist.  No one will want to ever buy these. Or even worse, I don’t really want to sell them.

These guilt trips also go for writing as well: other tasks should be more important, not a very good writer, can’t sell anything and so on. Add to the above the confusion as to what to work on first. Finish the novel (s) put short stories together, compile that poetry chapbook? Which one would make the most money (Will any of them make any money?)

There it is – money again. Worries about the publishing business, E-books, Kindle, etc. Lots of ‘what’s the use, I won’t be able to make any money anyway.’ Even if I finish something, how to I get enough people to buy it to make ends even wave at each other, much less meet? If you can’t make money, is it less worthwhile?  Money, money …

Probably not, but if you need money and don’t have enough to live, don’t you need to concentrate on that first? Again probably, yes. (No probably about it!)  But should you throw away all your minutes just because you can’t find a job/income?

Julia claims that when you clear your channels, what you are supposed to do (or be) will present itself. Or you will be able to see what was perhaps there all along. I hope the ‘what’ includes at least a little money.

Money 😦

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  1. money.
    perhaps we’d be better off without it

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