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Artist’s Way – Thoughts about the creative recovery process

.Thoughts about the creative recovery process  My comments in [  ]

Artist’s Way

The purpose of art is life – intensified, brilliant. When your life feels flat, you need to take step to get on the path to better creativity. That path is not straight, but more like a spiral. You will go by the same are many times if you are progressing, but on a higher level each time. [Interesting concept. I always think of a path as being, if not straight, at least flat. This is a new way of thinking about paths.]

Julia advises us to pick a combination of tasks that appeal the most to you and also ones that you strongly resist, because we often resist what we need the most. [I can attest to the truth of this. It’s true in about every aspect of life, isn’t it?]

To give us an idea of what to expect, she outlines the typical phases in creative recovery:

1.  Entry level.  Defiance and giddiness  [I know a lot about the first one, unfortunately.]

2. Explosive anger   [me – ditto. Angry about not being able to do things or even regret about what has been lost]

3. Grief – alternating waves of resistance and hope. Peaks and valleys. a ‘birthing’ process of elation and defensive skepticism.  [Again, I can relate to the resistance. I have plenty of that, It is the hope part that is lacking. I hope I fan the flame of hope enough to get through.]

4. Urge to abandon the process and return to earlier life. Temptation to abandon the course.  A creative U-turn.  [I’ve abandoned this course before, so I know all about this one. I am hoping that blogging this journey will help keep me on track.]

5. Recommitment to the process triggers the ‘free-fall’ of major ego surrender. [Difficult concept to imagine. Much less put into practice.]

6. A new sense of self. Increased autonomy. Resilience and the ability to make and execute concrete creative plans. [Sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to getting to this stage.]


1. – saying “It’s too late.”  [I’m guilty of this]

2. – waiting until you make enough money …  [also guilty]

3. – telling yourself that it’s just your ego whenever you crave a more creative live

4. – telling yourself that dreams don’t matter or that you should be more sensible [also guilty]

5. – fearing your family and friends will think you are crazy [or irresponsible…]

6. – thinking that creativity is a luxury or you should [just] be grateful for what you have

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