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Artist’s Way: Ending the Basic Principles section

Ending the Basic Principles section Julia says that I will


  • to recognize, nurture and protect my inner artist.
  • to recognize and resolve fear
  • to remove emotional scar tissue
  • to strengthen my confidence

And as a result of this I will experience

  • excitement
  • depression
  • fear
  • anger
  • joy
  • hope
  • freedom

The first thing I notice is that she starts with the word recognize. If you think of it, that is really the key. How can you nurture, protect, strengthen, etc. something if you don’t know it’s there or at the least don’t know what it really is. Like a plant in the garden – if you don’t know what it is, you might pull it out, thinking it a weed, and throw it away, when it was really the herb that would have healed you.

I also notice the juxtaposition of the opposite emotions; excitement followed by depression, fear and anger next to joy and hope. I am glad to have this warning up front. When I arrive at a down stage I will know that it is normal and this may allow me to get through it more easily. I hope so.

Sounds like a roller coaster and I do suffer from motion sickness in the physical world. Maybe motion sickness exists in the emotional world as well. Do we have Dramamine for the spirit, then? I may need some.

Tomorrow – or maybe this evening – I go to learning about the basic tools. I haven’t even made it to the Week 1 chapter yet. Sigh. I am already feeling inadequate.  But the name of this game is persistence.