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More Artist’s Way – excuses, excuses…

Well here we go. Excuses.  Last weekend – a visit to family. Yeah they have computers and yeah, I logged on, but only to answer email.
Now I have a bad cold or something and don’t even feel like writing this, much less anything else.
Julia’s basic tools are the
Morning Pages.  Write 2 pages every morning.  Haven’t done that. And won’t post it here when I do.  It will be too depressing some days, I’m sure.  I will post any insights into the mornings jottings though, Perhaps if it all turns out well, I will post all the morning pages no matter how god-awful they might be at some future date, but not now.

Artist’s Date is the other tool – a block of time – even just 2 hours weekly (yes I know it is supposed to be better grammatical practice to spell out the numbers, but I am tired. OK?)   This date is a no sharing time, even with the best of friends. This time will be just for you.
At the end of the Basic Tools Chapter is a contract.  More on all this tomorrow.