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More scenes, lots of revisions and a new subplot.

Sorry Julia. I still haven’t read any more in your book, but I promise I will. Right now though I am writing. that’s good isn’t it?   150 pages or somewhat coherent scenes. Plus a new sub-plot is sneaking in.   More pages (and pages) still left though of core dump pre first draft ‘stuff”. Long way to go.

And I can’t decide how long to run the current story before flashing back to the old story.  Too soon doesn’t get you into the current characters enough and too late will frustrate, wanting the know the outcome. Do I tell the old story all the way through or weave the curent one and the old one in and out?

Aach! I hate the structure phase.  I shelved my first novel because I could never figure out where to start and how to work in what then became backstory and flashback.  Sigh.  Maybe I can put that phase off on this one a bit longer,  while I write and revise all the scenes. That’s a good excuse, isn’t it?