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Speaking of critique groups.

Speaking of critique groups, here’s a wonderful article by the lady I call the Critique Mama.  I hope she doesn’t mind the name, but it just means that when it comies to critique groups,  she’s the woman.


The subplot thickens.

More writing. Subplot thickens. Snake in the garden (a couple of them)  What else is new.

I was listening to Debussy this morning – on Youtube. There’s this program where you watch a little multi-colored bar graph go along as the music plays.  Fascinating.

As I listened I thought of Julia talking about the ignoring or suppressing of the artistic urges of the little child. I remembered that the piano was my first love, several years before I started playing viola in the 7th grade . tha and singing in the church choir.  My choir director was my first music teacher. My music was never really encouraged.  I was made to choose between piano and viola early on. My piano teacher was furious at my mother and told me to just come and stay with her. I had forgotten about that. I chose the viola because they had the free school program and activities on the weekend at the University.

I can’t play the piano worth  a flip now. Can’t get through Fur Eiise without have to drag out the music and forget Beethoven. I am feeling an urge to make a real effort to try to play again. And here come all the negatives again.  “It’s too late. You’ll never be any good again so why try,”  and the same old, “your house isn’t clean, there are other more important things to do” and so on.

One excuse though, I will have to get the poor old neglected piano tuned if I am going to go back into this.  It’s been neglected for several years now.  Poor piano. And the old arm doesn’t work as well as it used to. SO I will never become another Van (ess) Cliburn) but I should let that stop me from doing what I can.

I can’t start tonight. I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate that. I hope that is not just another excuse. Maye by posting this I will be too embarrassed to not follow through.

Back to the novel for now. The heroine is playing Clair de Lune in the library. Or maybe it will be the hero that plays. Hmmm.  Decisions.

Until tomorrow.   Jusqu’à demain.  That’s the name of a chapter.