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Small update

I haven’t posted, because I am busy writing. Buried in it.  This story seems to have me by tht throat.  That’s a good thing isn’t int? Or is it?  I don’t know.

I was going to go out and look at wisterias today – to try to paint one over at the mission, I’ve been thinking about that for a long time.  If I don’t get it done soon they will be gone for another year and all I will have is photographs.

Over and out for now. 🙂

Oh and I did practice on the piano some today. Poor out of tune piano.  I can hardly believe sometimes that I ever played well, I think it must have been another person, because I truly suck  at it now.  But that’s no reason to stop. I guess.

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  1. Once a story gets you by the throat, your lost…nothing for it but to let it pour out–edit it later–and be glad you don’t suffer from writer’s block!

    Painting wisteria sounds great…love those vines. I’ve seen one in downtown Santa Rosa that is just starting to bloom, but none over here by the coast yet.

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