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Freshly Pressed – WordPress helps you drive traffic to your blog.

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

by Joy Victory

Each weekday, we select about ten new blog posts for the Freshly Pressed section of the WordPress.com homepage. These posts represent how WordPress can be used to entertain, enlighten, or inspire.

Getting promoted to Freshly Pressed is a major traffic win because WordPress.com receives a high volume of page views. And, we have a feed set up so people can subscribe to Freshly Pressed. Why do we do all this? It’s our way of saying we like you. We really like you.

So, by now you might be wondering how to get featured. It’s all about the content. Here are five bits o’ advice that will increase your chances of landing on the homepage:

1. Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.

Each post that makes it to Freshly Pressed contains original content created by the WordPress user. Bad stuff includes (but isn’t limited to) plagiarism, hate speech, fear-mongering, adult/mature content, improperly used images that belong to someone else, spam or content that is primarily advertorial.

2. Include images or other visuals.

Although not every topic can be illustrated, we believe most blog posts can and should have a visual element. We like original images (meaning, your own), but if you don’t have any of your own and decide to use someone else’s, be sure you properly credit the original source. Video rocks, too. You may get a request from us to add an image before you are promoted to Freshly Pressed — the faster you can respond, the more likely we’ll put your post on the homepage.

3. Add tags.

We find new posts by surfing the tag pages. If you don’t use tags, we can’t find you and how sad would that be? Also, don’t use tags that are too obscure (“beauty tips from the ancient world”) but rather more common tags (“beauty,” “history”).

4. Aim for typo-free content.

We know, we’re human, too — errors happen. We recommend using our Proofreading feature before you hit “publish.” If you’ve got a few typos but we really like your post, we may ask you to fix them. In most cases, we’ll put your post on Freshly Pressed after you’ve made the changes.

5. Cap off your post with a compelling headline.

Your headline needs to stand out. Avoid swear words, excessive punctuation or vague statements. We love a clever headline, and that’s often the reason we click on your article in the first place.

Good headline: I Won the Lottery and You Didn’t!
Bad headline: U Loserz, i WON!!!!!11!

Go Forth and Create

So, that’s it! Once you’ve been promoted, you’ll receive an email from us, and you also will notice your page views and comments increasing. Enjoy the ride! You deserve it!

Rik Scott’s blog – Uphill Writing. Check it out.

A new blogger friend I met at one of Bill Belew’s MeetUp meetings is Rik (Richard)  Scott. Blog name – Uphill Writing. He has been blogging longer than I have, for sure.  His latest blog is about hidden meanings in your jargon. An interesting read.  I am still going through his blog looking at the other interesting posts and the resources he lists.


Mother’s Day Concert at San Juan Bautista Mission, but I couldn’t go.

I was going to try to come to the Mother’s day concert  by the South Vally Symphony at the San Juan Bautista Mission on Mother’s Day (May 9th. at 4 pm)  I love the little garden next to the Mission too. (even though it would have probably meant I would be crying because I couldn’t be playing Brahms with the orchestra).
But my grandson’s birthday is the 10th and they are celebrating it on the 9th – plus both grandkids have an art show that Sunday.
Why on earth does everything have happen on the same day?  Boo Hoo.

South Bay Writers Newsletter – May issue

South Bay Writers Branch of the California Writers Club has it’s latest newsletter – Writers Talk , May 2010 –  on the web today.  Check it out.


Blogging session with Bill Belew

I’m here at WMC in Campbell (Korean Church)

Tuesday nights sometimes see the blogging group gathering.  Last week we met Affinity – an Ad Tech group from India. Tonight we met other bloggers and exchanged urls, cards and other information. One lady has a chocolate blog. One is on talking about volcanoes, tsunamis and other disasters.  Information and advice for grandparents was another topic along with more than one on holistic life, foods, meditation, other writers and so forth. More later.

Second post for Bill Belew’s Blogging Workshop

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What I learned in Bill Belew’s blogging workshop

Bill Belew is our South Bay Writers Club (CWC) blogging expert. We are learning to blog and hopefuly learning to blog for money as well. Bill says we need at least 100 – 150 words. My blog is about writing, both mine and other writers, art – my paintings and other artists. And music – viola in an orchestra, etc.

I have played in several orchestras in the California Bay area.  See my Music tab.  I have listed my writings on the Writing tab. Short stories, novels, articles and poetry. Novels unpublished (as yet.)