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Julia Cameron and negative core beliefs:

Julia Cameron and negative core beliefs:

Well the roller coaster of creation is hitting a low these days. Julia talks about the first stages of defiance and giddiness being followed by anger and then grief with alternating waves of resistance and hope.  Peaks and valleys ending in a strong urge to abandon the whole process.   I don’t think I made it through all those other peaks and valleys, but I am at a feeling of ‘what’s the  use?’ abandonment now.

I wonder how many of the cycles you have go through, because I don’t think that getting out of this one will put me across the finish line.  There is so much more left to go on my book.

I read back in the chapter Basic Principles.  She is talking about grieving over our lost dreams. Realizing how we squandered our own talents, for whatever reason.”Such grief!” she says. And pain.   She’s right.  But she says that the tears of grief can moisten the ground of our barren creativity and even remove emotional scar tissue.I have obviously got a long way to go on that one.

And core negatives are rearing their ugly heads again too.  I don’t have good enough ideas, I will do bad work … and look like a fool, I will feel bad about my work, it’s too late, etc.   She says these are beliefs, not facts and need to be confronted. They keep you scared. They attack you at your innermost self.

She recommends affirmations as one aide. But beware – you internal negative censor will try to sabotage them.I know I tend to hang on a negative comment on my work, or myself for that matter, more dearly that positive ones. Those core negative beliefs at work.  Need to get busy and get to work on them.

I guess I am glad to know that these negatives are A) common and not unique to me, and that B) someone thinks they can be conquered.

Onward and somewhere…..

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    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t know who’s reading and what they like without them. Keep reading. Let me know which posts you liked and even which ones you didn’t if you want.

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