Opera Among the Vegetables. A day at Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain

November 20, 2009 – A day at Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain. People are milling around like normal. All of a sudden a tenor voice floats over the fruit stands. Music begins to play among the bananas and oranges. A guy looking just like the other vendors begins singing behind one of the stands. He walks out into a public section of the mall. People look astonished and incredulous at first.

The tenor is joined by a soprano in a matching apron. They begin to dance as they sing. The crowd thickens. They begin to catch on. Some of them laugh. All applaud at the end of the duet. Then another tenor jumps on a box and starts his aria. Finally end six singers – three female, three male – join together for the last aria. Verdi’s La Traviata (an opera sung in Italian but set in Paris).

People begin to sway to the music. A few look like they are singing along. One couple waltzes in the open area, and another lady is laughing so hard she is crying. At the end, a sign is waved above the heads of the crowd – ¿Ves como te gusta la opera?  (That’s Spanish, not Italian) Something along the line of See how you like the opera?

Have fun.