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Teach ONLY the Arts in the early grades!

Re: Don’t cut music from the schools.

I am going to say it again.  Don’t cut music, art, etc. in the schools, the pleas is going out to everyone. Music Works on Facebook is encouraging everyone to consider the ramifications of having no exposure to the arts in the public schools.

How about going a step further? Teach only the Arts, at least in the early grades. I think you chould teach All early grade subjects through the Arts. Teach children to read with drama, to write in art class, to count in music and dance. Social studies through art, drama music and dance, etc. and so forth. Teach ONLY the Arts.!!
I am being a little facetious here, but the more I think about it, the more I begin to believe it could actually work.

Studies prove that studying music enhances the brain’s ability to read better, succeed in math and science at a higher level, and more.  As a musician myself, I personally have known many scientists, computer personnel, research and medical, and so on, who were/are also musicians.  There is a definite correlation.

Training in art can enhance the ability to see and experience nuances that were not visible before. Drama can help children understand the world around them and themselves.

Rea and math are technical skills. Necessary, yes. But teaching these skills through a filter of the Arts can enhance the spirit as well as the logic processing parts of the brain. Isn’t that better?

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