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Trust Me. In French, German, Italian, Russian, Hindi and the list goes on.

I was reading a post at http://cafegirlchronicles.wordpress.com/ where she quoted her father, I think it was, as saying – “Never trust a man  who says trust me.”  I would change to to ‘Never trust anyone…’ – male or female. It works both ways.

Easier said than done. She said she had fallen for that line once, A quote from the blog – “I’ve fallen for it at least a half dozen times and in as many languages. I should have paid better attention. And just to make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve committed the words to memory.”

Here’s her list with a few added by myself. I haven’t heard those words in all those languages and probably never will, but I do know friends and family (male and female) in all of them, so I am passing the advice along. I didn’t include some languages because I didn’t have a romanization available. (right to left languages – Arabic, Persian, etc.). I’ll add them later on.

Cafegirl’s list:

  • Croyez-moi      French      (My translator says ‘believe me’. And it has ‘confiance en moi’ for ‘trust me’. So who knows?  translate.google.com says so, but it has been wrong before. Both phrases ought to be in there anyway.)
  • 相信我…Chinese (Xiāngxìn wǒ)
  • Fidati di me      Italian
  • Lita på mig      Swedish
  • Confía en mí     Spanish
  • Vertrauen Sie mir      German

I added to the original list:

  • încredere în mine      Romanian      (My nephew lives there. He probably already knows about this phrase.)
  • πιστέψτε με      Greek (pistépste me)
  • muinín dom      Irish
  • bízz bennem      Hungarian
  • Поверьте мне      Russian (Poverʹte mne)
  • मुझ पर विश्वास करो      Hindi      Mujha para viśvāsa karō

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the additions to the Trust Me list! I’m about to embark on another three week road trip – so you never know, they just might come in handy. 🙂

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