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WHAT!! I have to market my book too?

When you started writing, did you ever think you would have to learn to speak, too? After all, our (written) words are our spokesperson. Correct?  Evidently not. And now we have to learn to market too? It’s a little overwhelming sometimes. You have to have an audience before the book deal these days. What do we do now?

Here are some words of advice from editor Robert Lee Brewer, senior content editor for Writers Market after he attended the BookExpo America (BEA) conference in New York City. Not a place, he says, to pitch to editors or agents, but to learn about the book publishing industry. He says publishers don’t think it’s a big deal anymore to have a blog, but it is important if you don’t have one, or at least an email list.

One book recommendation from him is Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz –

Robert recommends a quick weekend assignment:

  • Reserve at least an hour to make a list of who the audience is for your book. (Adults? Children? Lawyers? Teachers? Parents? Try to be specific.)
  • Then, rank that potential audience by which group would be most interested to least interested (to actually buy the book).
  • Finally, starting with the most interested segments, brainstorm how you can begin connecting (or connect better) with that audience.



One Response

  1. Oh, boy, I know what you mean. I thought the hardest part of writing would be finding a publisher. I was wrong.
    I got it similarly wrong when I had a baby. I thought labour would be the hardest part. Nope, that’s just the beginning. And I haven’t even entered the teenage years yet.
    Keep pushing..!

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