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The Chocolate Milk Diet. Sounds like something I could follow.

Here’s a diet I could follow. 🙂

The Chocolate Milk Diet

Read the entire article by By David Zinczenko  on May 13, 2010 http://health.yahoo.net/experts/eatthis/chocolate-milk-diet

The Chocolate Milk Diet,” which isn’t a diet at all. It’s essentially three eight-ounce servings of chocolate milk consumed at key points throughout your day: one when you wake up, a second before you exercise, and a third directly after your workout. Or, if it’s your day off, just pattern them for morning, afternoon, and night. Sounds good, right? It is, and that’s why it’s so easy. But is this a free ticket to eat as much fried chicken as you want throughout the rest of the day? Unfortunately not, but alongside a healthy diet, it can help you drop lots of belly fat fast.

Here are the four reasons why:

Secret #1: The Calcium Effect [for strong bones]

Secret #2: The Vitamin D Factor[sunshine in a glass – and no skim milk here.  😦  1% fat is required. Vitamin D needs a little fat. This just gets better and better, doesn’t it?]

Secret #3: The Endurance Boost David says that in a study published in The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, subjects given chocolate milk before hopping on the stationary bikes were able to ride 49 percent longer than subjects given a generic carbohydrate-replacement beverage. .  . The reason? Milk has naturally occurring electrolytes that keep you hydrated—more hydrated then water . . . and its natural sweetness helps push more energy into your muscles.

Secret #4: The Protein-Body-Weight Connection [more muscle = better metabolism. Chocolate milk has 8 grams of protein per cup. One cup before and one cup after – 16g. The ideal amount for building muscle.]


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like propaganda funded by the dairy industry.

    I don’t drink milk anymore.

    And after seeing how those poor dairy cows were treated on Conklin Farm, I never will again:


  2. My cousin in Texas had a dairy farm for decades and those guys were practically pets. All dairy farms are not equal.

    • You’re right. My brother worked on a dairy farm in NJ where cattle did not suffer from sadistic abuse. But that was many moons ago ~ before the dairy industry became, well, an industry.

      If I buy milk, I’m adding to demand for a product that is not always produced sustainably . . . without knowing how “my carton” was produced.

      If I don’t buy milk, I know I’m not adding to the suffering.

  3. Gimme some now!!

  4. That’s the only problem. You have to get up and go to the store. Whatever happened to the milkman deliveries anyway?

  5. An fascinating concept this. I’m 1 of those men and women whom tend to wait for things to mature prior to taking action but in this case I’m mindful that inaction leads to only failures so I will heed your comments and begin to do anything about it.

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