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On Memorial Day: To the ones that didn’t make it home and the ones who did.

On Memorial Day: To the ones that didn’t make it home and the ones who did.

My half-sister’s father was shot down over Korea. MIA to this day.  My cousin from my adopted family made it home from Korea, but not totally unscathed.  A friend went to Nam and I don’t know if he ever returned. A friend’s son injured in Afghanistan.  I hate war. I grieve for the losses of brave hearts and the families they leave behind.

An excerpt from a poem of mine.

My sister’s father flew a plane.

A pilot, daring,

circled bravely

o’er Korean fields.

Shot down one day when she was three.

They never found that MIA.

She has a photo on her shelf.

All that’s left of him.

I never knew my father.

He died in the war before,

the one where other fathers flew.

Good old W W 2.

But we are all alike, alone.

Whether the tomb is lost or known.

So many are left fatherless

of what war brings everyone.


4 Responses

  1. War . . . a necessary evil as long as tyrants (like Hitler) walk the earth among us.

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. Sorry for everyone’s losses, on this day and forever.,

  3. Viet Nam was no picnic, but war never is. Many of my friends fell.

    • I know so many that didn’t return. Or I don’t know what the fate was. And among those that did, how they suffered. Some still do. Orange is the color of the culprit afflicting many who still linger on.
      These guys deserve an extra salute for the honors that should have been theirs as much as Korean or WWII survivors.
      When they put the wall names up on the Internet, I did go out and search for a particular name. I didn’t find it. So hopefully (I can hope can’t I?) that he made it back home.

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