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Never heard of Wichita Falls? Just ask Cybill Shepherd. Or Doris Day

I grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas. I am told by Facebook buddies I went to school with up with, that the movie theater in “The Last Picture Show” is in Olney. Olney, TX  is about 40 miles SW of W.F. Also, the swimming pool scene was shot at Phil Grace’s home (in W. F.). He went to my High School. They were rich and we were not which I guess is why I wasn’t in the movie. 😦

Another scene was at a motel and liquor store somewhere on old Seymour Hwy. A lot of the movie was filmed in Archer City, which is about 20 miles SW of W. F.

More W. F. trivia

I am also told that in  “Pillow Talk”, with Rick Hudson and Doris day, that the last line of dialog. “They’ll never believe this back in Wichita Falls!”

And… watching James Bond – License to Kill – with Timothy Dalton. The girl (Carey Lowell)  with the very short hair and slinky dress (while she is in the casino), says “I came all the way from Wichita Falls….”

The movies was set in the 50’s but filmed in the late 60’s. The smaller towns where the movie was made were Olney (very small) and Archer City. Looks like Anarene was/is in between (it still shows up on Yahoo Map). I never heard of it myself. Wichita Falls was actually a large town even in the 50’s with both oil boom millionaires and Shepard Air Force Base. Lots to do. And if there wasn’t – there were enough rich people to build something if it wasn’t already there. My high school (60 – 62) rated 4A in state and national events from football to scholastics. There were well over 600 people in my graduating class alone. Even the orchestra won state and district awards. The church I grew up in was a large gothic-style Methodist with so many people that they had separate choirs from children (2), teens, college and adult. And yes, people thought/think nothing of driving to Dallas for the day.

It wasn’t the most beautiful place in the world, for sure – nothing like the hill country around Austin or the piney woods to the east, but I still kind of hate it that people think Texas is all like Anarene, or the landscape in Giant.

Good old Wichita Falls.  Not so small, not so bad, and not as unknown as one might think.


21 Responses

  1. How fun!! I’m from Wichita Falls too!! I graduated in 1961. You forgot to mention that the choir got awards as well as the orchestra and the band!! How nice to read something good about my hometown.

  2. Carolyn! – this must be you!!

  3. Also check out:

    “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls” ~ an album by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, released in 1981.

    The title makes reference to Wichita, Kansas and Wichita Falls, Texas.


    How do I know this? I am a minefield of information and assorted triva.

  4. Sounds a nice enough place to grow up 🙂

  5. It was also mentioned on an episode of CSI in the early years. The one where the model is found in a grocery cart. The statement is “She was from Wichita Falls.” My husband and I went wide-eyed and had to replay it more than once to make sure that’s what Grissom said! (We had it recorded.)

    And yes, it was a great place to grow up!!

  6. Ah yes! I’ve been to Wichita Falls!
    Though I’m a Beaumont girl, from way “back when.”
    But the only thing that I recall’s
    It took a while to get there then!
    There was a limerick we used to chant
    in the car as the miles crawled slowly by
    on our way to visit a cousin or aunt
    who had said they lived “nearby:”

    “The sun has riz, the sun has set,
    And here we is in Texas yet!”

    Though I later became a certified “yankee,”
    I still pull out some Kleenex or a hankie
    Just thinking of those bygone times
    of singing songs and making rhymes –
    Not watching a movie on DVD
    Or listening to music on iPod or CD.
    I think the families of those days, by far
    Had a much better time taking trips by car!

    Sorry, Carolyn…started out to be something other than what it turned out being! BTW, I am now a “repotted” southern gal living in NC.

    Love your blog!

    • Paula. Didn’t know you were a Texas girl. I was born in Caliifornia, L.A. but spent most of my life in Texas (Pampa, Wichita Falls, Austin and Houston until ’98. If you think it’s far from Beaumont to W.F. Try Houston to near El Paso.

  7. I know, I know…how about from Amarillo to Corpus Christi!!

  8. I know Houston to Amarillo (an uncle lives in Amarillo) and I know W.F. to Corpus Christi. Does that count? 🙂

    • Yup! The main thing is: The sun has riz, the sun has set, and here we is in Texas yet! Just about anywhere to anywhere is a long, long way – in Texas. Distances are “Texas-size” too! 😀

      • Amen to that! 🙂

      • Dallas to El Paso – halfway to Las Vegas!!

      • See, now. That’s where we differ. Couldn’t cares less for Vegas. I’ll have to introduce you to my uncle in Amarillo (my birth-mother’s baby brother. ) They love to go. He has a buddy that has his own jet plane and they fly there. (My cousin even has an airport there. in Amarillo – Buffalo something airport.)
        They should just come after me if they want me to come visit, shouldn’t they? Hmmmm.

  9. Love me some Vegas!! They should take pity on this old lady and fly me there. Of course, they’d have to spot me the cash, too!!

  10. You did notice the :-] face didn’t you?

  11. Wichita Falls was also mentioned a couple of times in the Rocky & Bullwinkle episode about the Box-Top Counterfeiter. Also, in the Dr. Who episode, “The Girl in the Firplace”, Rose is wearing a Wichita Falls Tornadoes t-shirt!

  12. I’d come to permit with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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