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I started New York Writers Coalition Write Your A** Off Write-a-thon day!

Ready, set , go.  Only 136 words so far, but he. That’s more than I had before, right?


7 Responses

  1. Good luck Carolyn!

    My shoulder is hurting me today ~ probably from spending too much time at the computer this week.

    So, I’m going to step away from the keyboard.

    Have fun!

  2. I know all about hurting shoulders. Take care of it.

    • I have shoulder impingement syndrome in both shoulders.

      Fortunately, I’ve only had a few flair ups over the year ~ but they are so painful that I am cautious when I start feeling that tell tale twinge.

      Typing is OK, but using the mouse does me in. It was doing the Action Alert post last night that started the inflamation ~ too much cutting and pasting of links, etc.

      So I took the morning off and headed to the farmer’s market. And plan to keep writing and mousing (!) to a minium today.

  3. Carolyn – I’m so glad Nancy directed me to your blog. It is a treat to peruse through – I love reading other people’s ideas! I see that you also accepted the NYWC’s 3K challenge. I would love to see what you wrote, if you are willing, and if you would like, I will be happy to send you mine – just let me know. I am an infant in the world of serious writing – I am basically just stream-of-consciousness blogger, but I am making an effort to “clean myself up a bit.”

    I just started my blog last February, and I try to discipline myself to stick with it and make entries regularly, although I have no set schedule. That, I believe, will be one of my next writing goals – to make a regular habit of writing. That is in addition to starting to do some serious self-editing. The blog began as something to serve as a “mind declutterer” for myself, and to help me get a little more focused in my thoughts.

    I have found of late, however, that I really do enjoy the input I receive from comments, so I am making more of an effort to let people know about my blog, which is how I came upon “Spirit Lights the Way,” and “My Literary Quest.” Both Nancy and Jodi have been extraordinarily helpful to me, and both offer constructive and welcome criticism as well as encouragement.

    Please feel free to drop by the site, and if you have the time to read any of my long-winded posts, then kindly leave a comment, so I’ll know you have been there. Take care, and thanks for your wonderful blog!

    • Thanks for you nice comments. I left a few on your site. I had a very difficult time trying to post a comment. Please feel free to delete all of mine to date as they were tests to see what the best -and least time consuming – way was to leave a comment. I guess google doesn’t like wordpress. :-]

      • Unfortunately, the only comments that showed up are the brief comments about your comments not showing up! Oh well…perhaps I’ll switch to WP! Goggle blogspot was the first site I chanced upon, and I stupidly did no further research! Thanks for trying, anyway!

  4. I tried practicing the viola today after I finally got a another A string (broke two last week and the music store near me only had guitar and a few violin. Still haven’t found the right thing to help me hold it up yet. Where are those helium balloons anyway.? 🙂

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