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Don Ehrlich, S.F. violist (via GretchensPianos)

This guy actually owns one of the “Salvador Dali” violas. ūüôā

Guest post by Don Ehrlich, S.F. violist Since ergonomics has been an ongoing interest as well as a recurring topic in my blog, I asked Don Ehrlich to write about his ergonomic viola.¬† I remember reading The New York Times article about him with great interest. Thanks so much, Don!¬† Your first-person account adds so much to people’s knowledge on this subject. Following is Don’s contribution: ———— I am a viola player. Until I retired in December 2006, I was the Assistant Principa ‚Ķ Read More

via GretchensPianos

Prompts from Write your A** off.

I didn’t finish. Too many other things interfered. But here are some of the prompts from today¬† What can you do with them?

New York Writers Coalition Write Your A** Off Write-a-thon

1)¬†Remember (or have your character remember) a photograph of someone close to you. ¬†It can be a casual snapshot or a formal portrait. ¬†Start your writing addressing the person in the photo with, “In this one, you are . . .”

2) Start your writing with the ending of a story. Don’t worry how things got to that point, just think of an ending and write it.¬†¬† Then keep writing; you can tell what happened leading up to that ending, or what happened next, or anything else that comes to mind.

3) Think back to your earliest memories of summertime.

What can you taste, feel, and see?  Who and/or what can you hear?

Write a poem or story about these memories.

4) You received a memo

5) Think about a guest room. Who is the guest? Who
is the host? What is their relationship? What has brought the guest to the

6) Write a story using the phrase, “I went and broke it.”

7) Make a list of peaceful things, and then keep writing.

8)Check out this YouTube video, an excerpt from the movie, Mr. Lonely. (It’s 2:17 mins)
Then, write about something extraordinary.

9) Look at this picture (it takes a minute to load, be patient).

10) Grace Paley – Responsibility.doc

Read this Grace Paley poem and write about any kind of responsibility.

Living Green Tip ~ Action Alerts (via Spirit Lights The Way)

Lots of good ideas and links to Green sites here. This blogger has put together a comprehensive list. You should be able to find find causes you can believe in and help with putting those causes into action here.

Living Green Tip ~ Action Alerts Every day we are bombarded with information ~ good news, bad news, and all around the world news.¬†¬† Rather than sifting through all of the information yourself, let others do some of the work for you by signing up for Action Alerts and Green Living Tips ¬†from your favorite non-profit agencies:¬† Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)¬†~¬†Join the on-line community of Animal Lovers¬†and/or sign up to get updates from Taking Action For Animal (TAFA … Read More

via Spirit Lights The Way