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Prompts from Write your A** off.

I didn’t finish. Too many other things interfered. But here are some of the prompts from today  What can you do with them?

New York Writers Coalition Write Your A** Off Write-a-thon

1) Remember (or have your character remember) a photograph of someone close to you.  It can be a casual snapshot or a formal portrait.  Start your writing addressing the person in the photo with, “In this one, you are . . .”

2) Start your writing with the ending of a story. Don’t worry how things got to that point, just think of an ending and write it.   Then keep writing; you can tell what happened leading up to that ending, or what happened next, or anything else that comes to mind.

3) Think back to your earliest memories of summertime.

What can you taste, feel, and see?  Who and/or what can you hear?

Write a poem or story about these memories.

4) You received a memo

5) Think about a guest room. Who is the guest? Who
is the host? What is their relationship? What has brought the guest to the

6) Write a story using the phrase, “I went and broke it.”

7) Make a list of peaceful things, and then keep writing.

8)Check out this YouTube video, an excerpt from the movie, Mr. Lonely. (It’s 2:17 mins)
Then, write about something extraordinary.

9) Look at this picture (it takes a minute to load, be patient).

10) Grace Paley – Responsibility.doc

Read this Grace Paley poem and write about any kind of responsibility.

2 Responses

  1. Great tips, thanks Carolyn.

  2. Great prompts.

    I’m glad you had a chance to play with words . . . even if you didn’t reach the 3000 word marker.

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