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Don Ehrlich, S.F. violist (via GretchensPianos)

This guy actually owns one of the “Salvador Dali” violas. 🙂

Guest post by Don Ehrlich, S.F. violist Since ergonomics has been an ongoing interest as well as a recurring topic in my blog, I asked Don Ehrlich to write about his ergonomic viola.  I remember reading The New York Times article about him with great interest. Thanks so much, Don!  Your first-person account adds so much to people’s knowledge on this subject. Following is Don’s contribution: ———— I am a viola player. Until I retired in December 2006, I was the Assistant Principa … Read More

via GretchensPianos

8 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks so much!


    • Thank you for looking at my blog. I had heard about him while doing my research on the Pellegrina viola. I found that by researching for help with a shoulder injury that has kept me from playing. Small world.
      (I am not anywhere near Don’s level, but I still loved playing where I could) I sent Don a note asking it he knows therapists in the area that deal with violists.
      I enjoyed you article and will link it into my blog here in the music categories.

      • Hi,

        You have so much information here! I’ll have to catch up. 😉

        I’ve had RSI, and was treated in NY by a controversial dr. (Emil Pascarelli) who saved many an artist. Then I changed a couple of things about my playing (LH angle, and now I’m further back from the piano).

        When I had a heightened awareness of injuries, the article about Don appeared in the NY Times.

        Thanks for the link! Want to be my agent?

  2. Excellent re-post!

    Here’s to pain free shoulders and living life with music in our hearts.

  3. How neat that Don Ehrlich took the time to make a guest appearance on your blog.

    • I haven’t met the man (yet) That is a guest blog from someone else’s blog (via Gretchen’s Kitchen… I mean Gretchen’sPianos). I used the new reblog feature from WordPress. Reblog just grabs a few lines and a link to the original blog for you. Guest Post… was the actual title of the article on that site. I didn’t even notice that part. I edited the title on mine so that it wouldn’t look like an actual guest post on mine. Thanks for saying something. I don’t want to get in any trouble with the blog police 😐

      • Nancy, I wouldn’t worry about the “blog police”… a clear title is a GOOD thing!

        One cx: I’m at GretchensPianos. If I attempted to write about my kitchen, it’s a fact that no one would want to read it!

        Take care,

      • Gretchen. That was my reply and my boo-boo, not Nancy’s. Please excuse me. I guess my stomach is trying to tel me something.

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