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Why Bother to Blog? (via Uphill Writing)

Article from Uphillwriting.org. Be sure to view the YouTube video. Thanks to Rik for all his help and materials to assist us new bloggers.

Why Bother to Blog? Some time ago I wrote a long series of pieces about blogging.  It mostly covered the how-tos, and various tricks of the trade.  It also touched on the why. As I am soon to embark on a lecture/workshop series on blogging, I thought it a good opportunity to use a blog to get my thinking about blogs in order.  OK, true, I’m not a veteran blogger if you go by number of days, weeks or months I’ve been at it.  By the end of June I’ll have blogged for a … Read More

via Uphill Writing

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  1. Blogging = discipline + creativity + surprising twists and turns

    Thanks for re-posting!

  2. Thatks for finding such wonderful material to repost.

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