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card-carrying member of the early Baby Boomer generation

I saw this on a blog a while ago. Still true today..  thought it was funny.  🙂

I’m old; a card-carrying member of the early Baby Boomer generation, which means I’m self-obsessed, imbued with an artificial sense of self-worth and self-importance. I’m also starting to come to grips with the aging process and I don’t like it one darned bit. Don’t know how I got this old. And got this old this fast. Funny how a combination of age and aging can change your outlook, isn’t it? And don’t forget, our generation invented sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, computers, the internet and everything else of any import. Don’t believe us, just ask.

4 Responses

  1. It is very funny 🙂

  2. I thought Al Gore invented the internet. : )

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