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Living Green = Green Living (via Spirit Lights The Way)

This lady does such a good job collecting the information. I just hope that my passing it on finds a few more people who pass it on to a few more people ….

Thank you to Spirit Lights the Way

Living Green = Green Living One person cannot change the world . . . but we can ALL make more conscious choices to collectively make a difference. Here's a collection of tips for Living Green and Green Living . . . including changing your diet to include more vegetarian, vegan, or meat*less meals:  Living Green Tips:  Join Team Earth * Schoolyard Habitats * Action Alerts * Be Water Wise * Lighten Up Your Life * Solar Attic Fans * Wildlife Gardening * You Better Stop Shoppin … Read More

via Spirit Lights The Way

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  1. Thanks, Carolyn.

    Now that my guests are gone, I shall return to cyberland! : )

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