Loreena McKinnett, Mists of Avalon and a poem.

More Loreena McKinnett.  I like to read my poem, Boudicca’s Daughters, to the beginning refrains of this. (See my poetry page)

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  1. Thanks for this.

    I’ve added Mists of Avalon to my Netflix queue!

    • I like anything Arthurian. I have the book too. Marion Zimmer Bradley. the whole series actually. Choosing Loreena McKinnett and this music is perfect .

  2. Very enjoyable.

    (Did you delete the latest composer birthday post?)

  3. Oh, OK, I have one about Leschetizky in my inbox, but when I click on it it tells me the page does not exist.

    • It is scheduled. Not published yet. I wouldn’t have thought that WordPress would send out something until it was actually published.
      ???? A WordPress bug? I will look into it? Sorry.

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