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Space Photo of the Day

Space Photos of the Day 06/21

June 21, 2010

This NASA image released on June 21 shows the Aurora Australis Observed from the International Space Station on May 29, 2010. This aurora image is taken during a geomagnetic storm that was most likely caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun on May 24. The ISS was located over the Southern Indian Ocean at an altitude of 220 miles, with the astronaut observer most likely looking towards Antarctica (not visible) and the South Pole.

See article at http://www.csmonitor.com/CSM-Photo-Galleries/In-Pictures/Space-Photos-of-the-Day/Space-Photos-of-the-Day-06-21/%28photo%29/2

2 Responses

  1. The colour is simply fascinating.

  2. Awesome . . .

    Like a large green Pelican ~ bill to the right and body to the left.

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