Composer born on June 26: Dimitri Tiomkin

Russian born composer who scored Hollywood

Published 10 May, 2010, 01:23

Diana El-Bakri, RT

Dimitri Tiomkin is a name not so well known as, for example, Enio Morricone, but he also managed to make a very significant career as a film composer in America’s cradle of filmmaking art – in Hollywood.

Born of Jewish parents in the Russian Empire’s city of Kremenchuk (now Ukraine) in 1894 (or 1899 – as listed in his passport) he became one of the most distinguished and beloved Hollywood’s composers.

The Hollywood Maestro” was behind such films as Alfred Hitchcock’s “Shadow of a Doubt”, “Strangers on a Train”, “I Confess” and “Dial M for Murder”; the John Wayne films “Red River”, “Rio Bravo”, and “The Alamo”; and Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

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