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Composer of the day: None. Stay tuned for tomorrow – Richard Rodgers

No ‘composer of the day’ update for Sunday. I am sure there is someone out there, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for and now it’s almost tomorrow anyway.

Tomorrow (15 minutes away!) will be Richard Rodgers. And Oklahoma!

Space (well, sort of) photo of the day. June 27. NASA and me.

This was taken sometime in the early 90’s, I think. At NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Houston, Texas

Landing was at at Ellington Field just up the road. They didn’t let me go on board – only the big guys were allowed, but I did get this close.

3 Outstanding Character-Driven Mystery Authors (via Global Mysteries)

Another insightful article from Nancy Curteman. What would we do without her? Thanks, Nancy. I hope I get more writers on my blog also I can point them to some of these wonderful blogs.

3 Outstanding Character-Driven Mystery Authors Mystery novels generally fall into three categories: Character-driven stories, Plot-driven stories, and a combination of the two. In a character-driven mystery, the storyline evolves from and orbits around the emotions and feelings of the characters involved. Motives for the crime relate to things like hate, revenge, jealousy or fear. The sleuth is usually motivated to search out the guilty culprit because she or someone she cares about has been … Read More

via Global Mysteries

Follow the Thread (via GretchensPianos)

Nancy and Gretchen are fellow bloggers on my blogroll. Read their blogs and you will see why. 🙂

Follow the Thread Image by SToppin via Flickr Nancy Curteman, mystery writer and world traveler, contributed this comment to last week's post, "Sink or Spin?  Keeping Long Notes Alive:" "Gretchen, This may sound like a bit of a stretch, but I think “keeping long notes alive” can be applied to writing as well. Too often we let an essential plot line flop when we could develop it fully." Many thanks to Nancy for this terrific post idea!  I'm excited to see her make … Read More

via GretchensPianos

Clean Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word to WordPress

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000002727 StartFragment:0000002323 EndFragment:0000002691

Do you copy and paste from Word and get annoying html-ese like the above? Here’s what to do about it

From 8-common sense tips for writing clean wordpress blog posts.

1. Copy / Paste

This is where most non experienced WordPress users manage to really mess up their blog. And it’s so easy for them to do so! All it takes is the wrong kind of copy / paste: simply copy / pasting text from Word or from another web page will most likely add a lot of unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) CSS styles and HTML tags. It’s what I call “garbage”. Based on the source you copy from, there can

be a lot of garbage!

If you’re used to writing your posts directly in the WordPress editor, you won’t have this problem. But in some occasions, you do need copy / paste. So in order to avoid this issue, there are a couple of things you could do:

  • Click the Kitchen Sink button to show more options, click Paste as Plain Text (Paste from Word removes only some of the garbage) then paste your text there. You will loose simple styling such as bold text or links, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

See more tips like the ones listed below at 8-common sense tips for writing clean wordpress blog posts.

  1. The right way to use copy / paste in WordPress editor
  2. Using simple styling in your blog posts
  3. Adding images to your blog posts
  4. A few tips on linking to other pages / blogs
  5. The easy way to add a Read more link
  6. How to structure your posts using headings
  7. The reason why Text color is a bad idea
  8. How to clean up a post when things go wrong

Video trailers made easy. Tips from Kendra Bonnet

Women’s Memoirs  is a site you need to go look at if you are writing a memoir. Woman's Memoirs

Are you writing a memoir? Or anything else, for that matter. Video marketing can be a tool to help market your book. Trailers are the up and coming thing. What’s a trailer? How do you make one? Are you afraid to try?

nsmemoirs.com/ ) has many other features, from journaling to the book business, from writing alchemy to writing prompts. Writing a memoir? This is a site you need to be involved with.

Kendra Bonnet (of Rosie’s Daughters by Kendra and Matilda Butler)  says, “Are you afraid to create a video? Concerned you won’t come across well? Scared you’ll mess up your lines? Think it’s probably too hard, too technical, too much like work?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions you will want to read Video Book Trailers You Can Make at Home…Even if you’re a memoir writer

by Kendra Bonnett on June 25, 2010

The post includes tips and examples of trailers and the site (See http://wome

Only If . . . Je Voudrais Voler (via Spirit Lights The Way)

A wonderful story of determination. Good music too. Thank you Nancy.

Only If . . . Je Voudrais Voler For the past three decades, Enya’s voice has soared through the heavens, inspiring listeners to reach for the stars and sail away.  Morris Goodman, the Miracle Man, did just that.  After a plane crash paralyzed him from the neck down, Morris refused to accept the unanimous medical consensus that he would never walk or breathe again on his own.  Instead of accepting his physical limitations, he used his mind and creative visualization to make a mi … Read More

via Spirit Lights The Way