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Like deep-fried? Chicken-fried? Everything? Anything? Steak, chicken, bacon? Even dill pickles! Then Tomball (Texas) is your kind of town.

Like deep-fried? Chicken-fried? Everything? Anything? Steak, chicken, bacon? Even dill pickles!  Then Tomball (Texas) is your kind of town.

I don't think the vitamin drink in the photo is going to help very much, :-

Goodson’s Café Featured on the Travel Channel    

At Goodson’s Café, you can get your steak deep-fried just like your chicken. For over 50 years, Goodson’s has been serving up its popular chicken-fried steaks to the masses. What’s the secret to Goodson’s success? The secret might be found in the gravy — peppered-crème-based gravy adds an extra kick to chicken-fried steaks, and according to the 1,600 folks who frequent Goodson’s Café each week, the steaks can’t be beat.

The Pecos Grilling Company, Steakhouse

TEXAS TOOTHPICKS Strips of Sweet Onion , Spicy Jalapenos, Lightly Battered, Fried, and Served with Ranch Dressing $6.99
FRIED CHEESE STICKS Served with Marinara Sauce $5.99
FRIED PICKLES Dill Pickles Battered and Deep Fried Served with Ranch Dressing… Just Try ‘Em $4.99

An article on Bootsie’s Heritage Café

A quote from a customer: Check out Randy Rucker and his mother Bootsie’s new place Bootsie out in Tomball if you want some chicken fried bacon. It’s not on the menu but he’ll make the mother rucker burger for you with chicken fried bacon upon request.

And the list goes on.  I even heard that there were deep-fried Oreos somewhere, but perhaps not in Tomball.

3 Responses

  1. Good grief, are they in cahoots with their local heart doctor?

  2. Sounds like a menu for a heart attack. However, my husband and I have a “fat feast” once a month. It’s not what you eat, but how often you eat it that counts. Translation: Fat once in a while is okay.

  3. I’ve seen places selling deep fried candy bars . . . like Milky Ways and Snickers. {{snickers}}

    We love fried food ~ french fries, fried zucchini, mozzarella sticks . . .

    Two rules make it alright:

    1. Only eat fried food when you eat out.

    2. Don’t eat out very often.

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