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Dream it, Think it, Write it, Throw it Away (via Uphill Writing)

Good ideas from the Rik. I know my internal critic screams a lot. Maybe this will help.

Dream it, Think it, Write it, Throw it Away What if I told you that there is a way to shut out the inner editor.  You know what I mean, right?  That niggling, nagging voice that serves as a constant reminder that your work "…just ain't good enough." In an earlier entry post, I wrote about the horror that is the Inner Editor.   This time I’d like to suggest a way to curb that editor’ … Read More

via Uphill Writing

5 Responses

  1. Thank you deepercolors – you inspired me to try the first movement of the Moonlight. I could still read it although there were some errors. That melody mostly played in the right hand, if held and pressed with more emphasis, held to the bottom of the key, should sing over the triplets without too much difficulty – but here is the key – if you are singing them in your head. That ‘voice’ in the head is important for all of us, writing, or what not. I believe.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Moonlight played on an out of tune piano that hasn’t been played since l997. Wow. I did it. Thanks.

  2. If you lived out here, I do know a good piano tuner. Reasonable too. And I am picky about my piano tuners. (That ear again) . I let mne sit for years after moving out here thinking I was going to move again so why tune it twice. I got trapped in this place. SO I finally called the tuner anyway. Now I will probably have to get it done a second time to bring it all up to speed but it does sound a lot better than ti did before. I have a sweet little Yahama console.

  3. Ah, so. Details. I hadn’t played mine for a long time either, but with the shoulder mess, I tried to start up again just to have some music. (I miss way more notes than I get, but I like to try) I had to get it tuned then, couldn’t stand it otherwise. )

  4. Morning upsidedownfriend, sleep tight.

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