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Can I hitch a ride to Périgueux – France?

People say how can I possibly write about a place I have never visited.(Even though it is a novel – fiction.)  What with the Internet research, Google maps, travel blogs, etc.,  I think I have done a pretty good job, but people keep complaining. So I guess I need to go to Périgueux (That’s in the Dordogne region of France).  Unfortunately I can’t afford it, not even the air tickets, much less the room and food and transportation, etc. for the weeks I am told I should stay there to get the real flavor of the place.

They say there are just six degrees of separation between us and everyone else in the world. So my questions is- does anyone know anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone — is that six? — who lives there and can be my vicarious sensory describer or else someone in Périgueux who would put an aspiring novelist up for a while and/or help with getting said novelist there?

Ridiculous, I know, but it can’t hurt to ask.

9 Responses

  1. Oh heck, I’ll post this as a Facebook link, you never know …

  2. This is kind of a test of the six degrees of separation. I don’t really expect anything to come of it, but like it is said – you never know. Maybe someone will have a really creative idea.

  3. If we are separated from Périgueux by six ‘degrees’ (No, I can’t afford to travel their either!), does the ‘sensation’ get any stronger the less the number of degrees there are! grin grin. In other words if you just flew in from Penrigueux after having a drink for the road, and I were to notice, would the flavor of your breath bring me any closer to France, then someone six degrees apart who had slept through a hangover!!!!! (This may be a bit dumb deep – if so please excuse- I’m just trying to be ‘really serious’ about the degrees of separation! With the internet I think there are thousands of degrees of closeness. Like listening to music. Oh Dear!!!!!

  4. What about a writing grant, Carolyn?

    Apply for $’s to take time off to travel to France to complete your writing “which can only be completed there because . . . ”

    Good luck!

  5. I have looked into grants before. Didn’t qualify for one reason or another so far. I can keep looking, I guess.

  6. For my first book, the setting is on the other side of the United States which is quite a distance from southern Missouri for me haha. So, I understand about not being able to really experience the setting of your manuscript. I do a lot of research and I am lucky to know someone who used to live there until a few years ago. I would love to visit there as well, but yeah, that takes money I don’t have. I make do.

    • Where is the location? I have a friend who is going to try to walk the street in Paris where one scene takes place. I haven’t found anyone in the other town yet though. With Google maps now you can see the real street, not just photos. And with all the travel logs on the INternet now, it is almost like being there.

      • Mine is set in San Diego, California. I could have put it in a location that I’ve been to and know quite well, but there’s something about California that fits with the characters. I can see it in my head and it works.

        I agree. Google maps is a lifesaver lol. I love it. And pictures definitely help a lot.

  7. I have only been to San Diego once. I don’t really know anything about it. If it was Northern CA, Bay area, I could maybe help a little.

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