Reiterating Bernstein and the Shostakovitch 5th.

Yes, this is a partial repeat of a recent post. But I find that I am still so inspired by this piece, I thought it worth re-stating. Shostakovitch 5th Symphony conducted by Maestro Leonard Bernstein.

The energy in this is amazing.  Bernstein is the conductor to emulate. Watch his energy and his movements. not just the large movements but the nuances of the hands and fingers as well. Even in the larger movements, the hands and fingers are busy too.
His smooth flowing arms during the slower sections are like a sea bird rising and falling on the currents of air over the ocean. The driving energy of his whole body during the the more tumultuous sections says he is into the music full force at all times. His joy in leading is infectious to the orchestra and brings them to a higher level than they, even all those professional guys, would achieve otherwise.
I am never disappointed when I listen to this, but watching Bernstein conduct always and without fail brings it to a higher level. I can almost forget the lack of passion in my life for a few minutes while listening (and watching) to this. What a wonderful thing it must be to conduct an orchestra. I love playing in the midst of the orchestra but when a conductor can communicate  the way Bernstein can, the orchestra can rise to another level of being -like it is a separate entity with the musicians all integral parts of the living body.

This is the recording I wrote my poem ( )