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Now this is a creative use of space.

Apartment in Hong Kong is truly versatile.

13 Responses

  1. Thanks for this. Haven’t seen a pull-down/out bed in eons. Loved the kitchen behind the TV. Better than (a)

  2. I’m not seeing a picture?

  3. Excellent video! Love watching clips like that.

    There’s a show on Small Spaces which has lots of ingeneous uses for small spaces.

    I agree with the guy in your clip: small spaces are more user friendly. : )

  4. Make that ingenious uses for tight quarters. : )

  5. […] Inspiration, Kudos, Less is More, Sage Advice, Sustainable Living trackback Carolyn’s post, Now This is a Creative Use of Space, reminded me of one of my favorite HGTV shows . . . Small Space, Big […]

  6. I need to downsize (again) – way! down. I thought this guy was the most creative approach I had ever seen. However a friend of mine pointed out – what happens if you need a snack while you are watching TV. (The kitchen is behind the TV wall. :-]

  7. Plus, if you don’t want to clean up the kitchen before bed, just “wall it off.” : )

  8. I like the last idea. In college we had a little screen that pulled in from=nt of the sink and cabinet. And one time my roommate threw my dirty dishes in the bathtub that had sliding glass doors. (I was always the messy one.)

  9. And there’s a pull down for an extra “bed” that fits on top of the tup. All very interesting, but I wonder how it works in real life. It ways he lives there. I wonder if one wall starts moving while you are behind another one? Instant diet. :-]

    • For one person, it would probably be lovely . . . but if someone wanted to go to bed, while the other wanted a midnight snack, it could be tricky. : )

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