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I Am Blue – a poem

The color blue seems to be a theme in several blogs I have read lately. Here’s my contribution.

I am blue.

I am the indigo ocean,

buoying majestic whales

in my salty hands,

swaying kelp into

schools of silver fins.

I am blue.

I am the clear azure sky,

carrying eagle’s wings

where others dare not go.

Rainbows arch above

after the storm.

I am blue.

I am the turquoise lagoon.

White foam on my waves.

Here the dolphins play.

Bare feet leave imprints

on white sands

I am blue.

I am the sparkling bright shine

of a grandchild’s smiling eyes

looking into mine.

Wonder and love reside.

All things are new.

12 Responses

  1. Beautiful Carolyn.
    (And you’ve reminded me of one of my old poems, I must hunt for it!)

  2. Beautiful poem. It sang through so sweetly.
    Missed you being away. Glad you’re back.

    • Life just keeps going downhill. Energy goes with it.

      • Can I offer you some encouragement, perhaps. (Although I don’t know you well enough to know what you like)
        But please take care of yourself. I have missed you. Wish I was closer to you so that I could be a ‘contact’ friend. If it’s energy, could you get something even from the health store, and maybe even a little rest might do you good, or maybe – play the viola, or ‘space yourself out in a meditation’ Spirit Lights the way, style, or even just ‘concentrate’ on a good book! Wish I could help more than just giving these ‘vague’ possibilities! Take care.

  3. Thanks. This economy is so rotten, so many people are so down. It’s friends and caring and such that arre the most important now.

  4. Don’t be BLUE . . . it’s your Birthday! : )

    Enjoyed the poem, especially the eyes of blue in the last stanza.

  5. In this poem, blue is a good color to be. It was from a prompt one time that said – choose to be a color and write about it. Blue is my favorite color, so ….

    • Oh, that came through loud and clear . . .

      I was talking about your comments which sounded “less uplifting.” : )

  6. Sorry. My life isn’t uplifting these days, but sometimes I can keep a happy face over it better than others.
    I have a lot of happy birthday greetings from Facebook and blogging friends. My mother and sister never forget and always send something nice. Friends and family – most important things in life, (although a little money wouldn’t hurt. :-] )

  7. Someday, Someway

    Oh, I’m blue at the mall when I drop my ice cream,
    Hell, I’m blue when I try, but can’t write a scene,
    So damn blue when my life is not quite a dream,
    And, God, I’m blue when my purse has not near enough green.

    But someday, someway, I won’t feel so bad.
    Someday in summer, I’ll laugh and be glad.
    I’ll change my game; get up and stand tall
    When I see the soft kitten in a frame on my wall.

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