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Help! Where is that messiest house team when you need it?

I ran across this link  – http://organizedhome.com/cut-clutter/declutter-101-cut-clutter-at-home – while staring helplessly at the many messes in my house (and my life, I guess) not knowing where to start. I took some stuff out to a garage sale yesterday which was a miserable failure. I did drop the clothes off at a community center on the way home so I didn’t bring it all back to my garage.

We’ll see if the link helps although I do have books on the subject too. If I could find them. Sigh. Progress report later.

4 Responses

  1. I loved the strategies to cut clutter. I’m having trouble with getting started—unless reading about it is a beginning.

  2. The first section talked about structuring time for activities. I thought “aack!” If ic could o that right now, I would be able to do the job alone. :-\
    There is one book (if I could find it – I know – that joke is getting old) by Julia Morgenstern, I think her name is, – Julia purports to be an ex -junker – that has some good pointers in it. For real people. .

  3. I’ve had a declutter exercise on my to-do list for sometime now…

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