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Postings may not be too active for a while (again)

Possibly another haitus from blogging. Or not. I need to concentrate (which gets harder and harder to do) on getting this place culled out and find another place to reside while looking (waiting) for some senior housing to come along.Plus the car is screwed up again.

When it rains,  it pours – and me with no ark. :-}

So anyway, if you don’t see me for a while, I have given fair warning.  I may not be able to stand being off for that long but just in case.

2 Responses

  1. Wish I could provide you with shelter from your storm 😦

  2. Thanks. I know all my friends would do what they can. It’s hard to listen to troubles when someone is so far away. I do thank you for listening. That’s the nice thing about the Internet, you can have friends and at least a virtual shoulder to cry on – and one to offer – all around the world. It’s nice.
    These posts and on FB, etc. about looking for places to live, storage ideas, etc. are requests more for people who live in the area mostly.

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