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Anthologize. A new tool for bloggers?

ANTHOLOGIZE claims to “Use the power of WordPress to transform online content into an electronic book.” I haven’t tried it yet (Cannot be installed on blogs hosted at WordPress.com  – so that lets me out). But several of my blogging buddies have been looking for ways to make more income  from their blogs. If anyone tries this, let me know what you think.

Their steps


Easily pull content from blogs.


Drag & drop organization & layout.


Generate your book & publish in print & digital formats.

5 Responses

  1. Oh well, that excludes me then.

  2. Seems you can’t do much on the ‘free’ WordPress. May try Blogspot again someday. (Anthologize is a for WordPress item. Don’t know if there it something comparable for Blogspot.) Blogspot lets you put on ads though and it’s still free.

  3. I haven’t tried it but I will. I would love to make money from my blogs.

  4. I always visit your blog and retrieve everything you post here but I never commented but today when I saw this post, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting here. Fantastic article mate!

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