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Dr. Oz show – Dollar store anti-aging secrets. Try pumpkin pie filling!

.On the Dr. Oz show today – Audrey Kunin, MD –  dermatologist presents anti-aging answers from the Dollar Store.



  • Epidermis – exfoliation.  Exfoliation mitt with pumpkin pie filling has a fruit acid – an alpha hydroxy acid acid. Massage a little into skin with mitt and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Moisturizer with Vitamin C – with ascorbic acid.
  • Fat – lips that is.  Plumper for lips.  Tribehenine is the ingredient to look for.
  • Muscles – relaxant. For crow’s feet, try moistened Ginseng tea bags.

18 Responses

  1. Cow’s feet? Jeepers!
    *off to buy ginseng tea*

    • Thanks for thinking of me. It is a neat blog. I could probably write a blog on the subject myself though. This descent into poverty is not my first encounter with the situation in my life – once before a long time ago. I do know where all the thrift stores are and the Dollar stores too.I have the books on natural foods that can be used for cosmetics, even. I never shopped much at Nordstroms, etc. and the like, even when I had money. too over-hyped, over priced, etc. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I have without all these things, but even the most thrifty of lifestyles will run out eventually if you can’t get employment enough to build up the other end. (Or find at least a reasonably priced place to live. California is horrendous for rent, etc. I know – move, but I don’t want to live so far away from my family – that’s not living. It’s just existing.)

  2. And your point would be?

  3. I know what a ‘bimbo’ is and a sugar daddy. I just don’t know what that comment had to do with the previous conversations.

  4. You said: even the most thrifty of lifestyles will run out eventually if you can’t get employment enough to build up the other end.

    I said: That’s why some women marry rich so they can afford a lifestyle they could not attain on their own merits.

  5. You need to stop. Your statements intimate that I should find a sugar daddy? (Does that make me a bimbo?) Or that I don’t have the merits to attain work anymore?
    I don’t know if you mean it that way, I would think not, but that’s what your statements intimate.

  6. You’re paranoid. 8)

  7. Mine are not the first comments about your statements that show your obliviousness to other people’s feelings, etc.
    Please do not follow my blog anymore.

  8. dollar store finds? Which dollar store? Have been to “Dollar Tree” and “Dollar General” and have not found the all day moisturizer or lip plumper. Please Help!

    • The Dr. Oz show didn’t say which Dollar Store. Probably one in their area. Just examples of things you can find in some Dollar Stores, I guess. I haven’t been to mine yet.

    • I went to Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General. Couldn’t find the Vit C lotion or lip plumper either 😦

      • I don’t know which dollar type store the lady went to or even in what town. I think the point of the show was not the particular product but the fact that you can find bargains there if you look. (not necessarily the same ones at each store though.)

  9. “Fruit-Fresh” produce protector by the Ball company can be found in the pickling section at Kroger for a couple bucks. It’s for sprinkling on produce, like apples to keep them from browning. The main ingredient (after Dextrose) is ascorbic acid. Mix it in with your moisturizer, or like me you can mix it in with organic coconut oil.

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