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Complete Protein Without the Meat

How to make quinoa, the powerhouse seed

An article by Teri Hall at Shine.yahoo.com

Commonly considered a grain, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a seed which is related to leafy green vegetables such as spinach, chard, and beets.  Once considered the “mother seed” of the Incas, this South American native is a nutritional powerhouse, and its wide array of potential culinary uses makes it one of the most practical foods to store in your pantry.

The remarkable thing about quinoa is that it is one of the rare plant-based foods that supplies all nine essential amino acids, including the elusive lysine,  making it a complete protein. While food from animal sources almost always contains complete proteins, vegetable sources of protein are most often lacking in one or more essential amino acids. This makes quinoa an excellent option for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone interested in adding non-meat proteins to their diet.

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5 Responses

  1. Okay, I’m not so bright … sent Side View a link to your blog 😀

  2. Thanks, I battle to cook the grains, mine always seem to come out hard, no matter how long I cook them. Using the flour in pancakes makes them a little crumbly, but very tasty.

    Are there any baking recipies using it?

  3. Interesting! I’ve had quinoa only once, but I have some sitting unused in my pantry. I need to get around to it!

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