If you want to learn about playwriting, here’s a good class at Foothill College.

Study Playwriting at Foothill College Class is in person and/or online. Registration begins Dec. 7th for new and former students. Continuing students (currently registered at Foothill) can signup now. Sign up early. Classes get canceled if there are not enough students. This is a good class and you don’t want to miss it.

Instructor Carol Wolf’s plays have been produced on both coasts and on five continents. Her play, The Thousandth Night, has won the London Fringe First, the L.A. Drama Critic’s Circle Award, the Bay Area Theater Critic’s Award…

In the past year, Wolf’s students’ work have been produced in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, San Francisco…

The class is structured, step by step, to teach students to transfer their ideas, passions, dreams, into working, producible plays for the theater.  About 15-20% of students win prizes, contests, readings, and/or productions after taking this course.

Registration begins December 7 for Winter Term, January 3 – March 20
Twenty places available. $110.50 for 12-week 4-unit college course, transferable to UC/CSU

For further information, and to register for the course:



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