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I’m still here. Really I am.

If anyone has wondered where I am these days (I think everyone is probably on Facebook too, but just in case… ), I am buried in household tasks these . downsizing – preparing to move, just haven’t figured out where to yet…. :-\

More later.

Alibis and Motives Make or Break a Mystery Novel (via Global Mysteries)

Another useful for us writers. Thanks. 🙂

Alibis and Motives Make or Break a Mystery Novel An author’s choice of alibis and motives can make or break a mystery novel because the story revolves around answering two basic questions related to these elements. First: Why would a character want to murder the victim? This is motive. Second: What is the reason a character could not have murdered the victim?  This is alibi. In a murder mystery, each core character should have a reasonable motive for wanting the victim dead followed by an equal … Read More

via Global Mysteries

Ten Things to Do When Facebook is Down. :-]

Ten Things to Do When Facebook is Down

  1. Rekindle your relationship with productivity, hygiene.
  2. Call one of your 5,000 Facebook “friends” on the phone, enjoy the awkward silence.
  3. Bring down Twitter with incessant “Facebook is down” tweets. Cue apocalypse!
  4. Did somebody say crochet party?
  5. Experiment with offline poking. Keep your lawyer’s number handy.
  6. Take a Digg “power user” to dinner. Bring extra cash.
  7. Party crashing with Michael Arrington!
  8. Go to the grocey store. Your Farmville vegetables are rotting and you’re looking frail.
  9. Follow us on Twitter. And when it’s back up, Facebook!
  10. Write a post just like this and watch the pageviews pour in!




Is facebook coming up for anyone else? EOM

What to do When a Publisher Rejects Your Novel (via Global Mysteries)

Good blog as usual. Maybe she will compile an e-book when she completes the series. I hope so.

What to do When a Publisher Rejects Your Novel When a publisher rejects your novel you can do several things: pout, blame the publisher’s lack of taste, give up writing, rewrite your novel for the fifth time, toss your novel in the recycle bin——or don’t do anything until you ponder the situation for a few days. Here’s what I did. I queried a publisher regarding one of my mystery novels. The editor requested my full manuscript. Whoa! Was I happy or what? I e-mailed my novel in less than fiftee … Read More

via Global Mysteries

Tips on Changing Point of view in Mystery Novels (via Global Mysteries)

More good tips from Nancy Curteman. 🙂

Tips on Changing Point of view in Mystery Novels In a mystery novel, point of view (POV) can be handled in a variety of ways. A writer may choose to tell the story from the perspective of one character only—using first, second or third person. Or, the author could elect to tell the story from the viewpoint of two, three or even more characters using a variation of third-person point of view. Often, mystery writers use more than one viewpoint because it makes for a more interesting storyline. Th … Read More

via Global Mysteries

Medical benefits checklist. Not just for Medicare recipients.

Are you over 65? Or know someone who is? Here’s a site that helps with SSA and Medicare decisions. Includes links to some drug companies with help for meds (non-Medicare as well, not just seniors) – seniors, poor, recently unemployed, other discounts, etc. through companies like Pfizer, GSK, etc.

Take the checkup to see what you might be eligible for or just for ideas, if nothing else.BenefitsCheckUp