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Global Mysteries

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Most authors agree that writing is rewriting is revising. The question is how to do it? After many long hours of editing my work, I’ve developed a few strategies that seem pretty effective. Here are 7 of them.

1. After completing your novel, put your manuscript out of your sight and out of your mind for at least a couple of weeks. This will allow you to detach enough from your masterpiece to enable a needed measure of objectivity.

2. Examine the opening of the story. Make certain it starts with something happening that will impact the viewpoint character and set her on a path toward a goal. Delete any poetic descriptions of clouds.

3. Check your chapter endings. Most of them should end with something that hooks the reader—a twist, disaster, crisis or a character in serious jeopardy (physical, emotional, mental).

4. Look carefully at your viewpoint character. Check…

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