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Poem a Day Day 17 Hello. Or Not.

Almost caught up

Early on in the month, I asked you to write a valediction — a poem of farewell. Today, let’s try the opposite, and write poems of greeting. There’s lots of things you could greet. The spring? Your new stapler? A favorite classmate? An addition to the menu at your local cafe? The subject’s up to you — now get out there and say “hello!”



Hello, I’m supposed to say

To something new that came my way

To greet a person, place or thing

With a welcome sunny ring

New any time or just today?


If it’s recent, I can’t greet

Anything with Hey! That’s neat

Latest new in this old life

ankle that hurts like a knife

Limping now for weeks.


Then there is this blasted cold

Sneezing, coughing do take hold

Laryngitis cuts off voice

Temperature is not a choice

Happy hellos? I’m not sold.

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