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Poem a Day Day 22 For Earth Day but not newly written today.

blue planet image

Holy Ground

This is Holy Ground,

You have desecrated

our Holy shrines.

Words said throughout the ages

 to excuse Mankind’s warring

and destructive ways.

But what is Holy Ground?

Where battles were fought,

or won or lost?

What is a holy shrine?

Where a person was born,

or lived, or died?

Is Holy Ground a man made thing?

Or is it forests, mountains

and teeming seas?

Look at the universe far and wide.

Where else can mankind live?

Nowhere we have found.

Our precious blue planet,

humanity’s only Holy Ground,

is all we have.

How much more death, war,

and destruction has to come

before we learn?

Will we reach out to one another,

to rescue, to preserve this,

our solitary refuge?

Or will we persist in slaughtering

people, animals, plants,

and lose the true Holy Ground?

We can preserve this rare and shining orb.

Or piece by piece destroy,

 our blue and living Earth.

Time grows shorter every hour.

Leaving us with less and less.

What will you do?


Poem a Day Day 21