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12 Elements Needed to Write Strong Character Relationships

Thanks, Nancy

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th-1Story people like people in real life do not exist in their world alone. They relate to and interact with both principal and secondary characters. These relationships influence character behavior and development. Here are 12 elements needed to write strong character relationships:

1. Relationships begin with roles such as family—mother, father, daughter, son; and Community or work-related roles—boss, employee, small business owner, professional. Define these roles.

2. Have your characters act differently around different characters. A successful college professor may lose all control in a classroom of kindergartners. A strong executive may turn to a gelatinous mass when he encounters a character with whom he’s infatuated.

3 Provide a reason characters come together and stay together. Shared interests or goals or opposing interests or goals.

4. Give your characters a common bond that brings them together such as a job. Their approach to the job can be completely different causing…

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