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About Me

Writer and artist and musician (if my arm ever gets well)

I moved to the Bay Area in late 1998 from Houston to go to work for IBM. Big mistake. But maybe I wouldn’t have started writing again if I still had a job. Who knows? I did begin writing around 2003 and joined SouthBay Branch of the California Writers club shortly thereafter. (novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and children’s stories.)  I also learned how to paint (acrylics)  I am still learning both of those arts.

I used to play viola with various Bay Area groups, including Winchester Orchestra of San Jose, South Valley Symphony, San Benito Stage Orchestra, Saratoga Drama Group, West Valley Light Opera, and Stanford Savoyards. Unfortunately that has been curtailed due to a broken shoulder that hasn’t healed properly.  Hopefully someday that activity can start up again.  I miss it. I did write a poem about it though. Silenced won a prize this year and is published in the Carry The Light 2013 Anthology.

Read it on the Poetry link on the My Writing  tab.

Writing Awards

2015  February San Francisco Writers Conference 1st in Fiction – Novel Start – Deeper Colors  

2015  June  San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Division, 1st in Fiction –  The Once and Future Queen.

2014  June  San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Division – Exhibitor of the Year award – 3 firsts – Short Story, Novel Start, and Children’s’ Story Start

2013  June  San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Division, 2nd in sci-fi/fantasy- Night of the Silver Moon, 3rd in short story fiction – The Art Lesson, and 2nd in poetry – Silenced.

2012  March  South Bay Writers Club WritersTalk Challenge, winner in poetry – Silenced

2012 June San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts Division, 1st Place in short story fiction – Walking Shoes and Honorable  Mention in  sci-fi/fantasy – Anno Forestem Silva

2010  June Frontiers in Writing, Amarillo, Texas, Honorable Mention in short story –Simply, Bebee

2009  September South Bay Writers Talk Challenge    1st prize – Essays   Eating Weeds

2008  June Frontiers in Writing   Honorable Mention – Memoir    Simply, Bebee

2007  September Honorable mention  Writers Weekly 24 hour contest summer.    Anno Forestem Silva
June  Frontiers in Writing Conference – PPW Amarillo TX  Short Story 1st place –  Walking Shoes and 3rd place – Last of the Oatmeal

April  California Writers Club – SouthBay Branch    Annual Writer’s Talk Awards 1st place Memoir/Short Story  – Night of the Silver Moon

2006  Southwest Writers Group Competition   2nd Place Short Story-Western   Albuquerque Sky

Stories, Novels, Essays and Articles and Poetry

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Short Stories and Essays: (See Short Stories page for more details on publications (P)  and contest winners (* ) )

  • A trilogy: Loosely based on early 20th century family memories  A
  1. Albuquerque Sky   *
  2. The Last of the Oatmeal   *
  3. Walking Shoes *    Published in CWC South Bay Anthology and Carry The Light Anthology 2012

Novels (in progress)  (See Novels page for more details)

  • Flesh and Blood
  • A Dark and Stormy Night (working title only)
  • Death on Route 66
  • Deeper Colors


The Sand Hill Review  Volume VIII, 2007

Black as Deepest Night

Where Is the Green?

Celtic Women International  Winter 2007 Newsletter

Boudicca’s Daughters: A Tribute to Survival

Story Circle Network

SCN Journal  2007 and 2009

Minnesota Autumn

Timeless Tear


True Words Anthology  2009

Closet Artist

CWC South bay Writers Anthology 2009

Slavic Eyes

Published online at EOS: The Creative Context

Holy Ground

Arms of the Angel

CWC South Bay Writers newsletters

Slavic Eyes

Holy Ground

Minnesota Autumn

Texas Gold


Lost in Salinas


Stolen Soul

Timeless Tear

Boudicca’s Daughter

Spanish Envy

Rose and Thorn

Beautiful Dreamer

Take Me Back

Fathers Lost

Me Calling Me

Promises Made

Promises Gone

Oh Caledonia!


My Mother’s Name

Khakis and Tee

New or not published (yet)

Shostakovich’s 5th

HMB  Half Moon Bay – a haiku

Raw Data From an Al Young Workshop – 5 poems inspired by music

  • Waterfall Chopin Nocturne
  • Tango (a Yo Yo Ma CD)
  • Scorching Brass Mexican brass
  • Half and Half another tango
  • Austin City Limits Austin City Limits type rock music

One Rainy Night

Stolen Soul

I Am Blue

Ode to an Unrecognized Willow

17 Responses

  1. My new blog. We’ll see if I can figure out how to use it now. :-]

  2. You’ve done a great job already. Looks like you’re on your way with this blog — liked all the information and art work you put on it. Don’t know if I could come up with that much information.

  3. Carolyn,
    What is your email address?
    This website will take you to a company called GDI
    The cost is $10 a month.
    They provide you with a domain name, hosting, and a website that you can easily create.
    You also will have a business which allows you to resell these services to others

  4. Read the discussions at http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/five-ways-to-get-featured-on-freshly-pressed/
    I believe they send an email if you are chosen, but I am not sure.

  5. If you hadn’t been “pushed” would you have eventually made the leap to writer then author? Are you able to make a living at it? How many times a day/week/month/year (if at all) do you question that choice? Or are you beyond that now?

    • Oh not beyond that at all. Not all that well published – yet. I still _ and think I probably always will – have the tendency to think I should have trashed the whole thing. But I am also stubborn and so I keep on coming back and trying to go forward. Some days are filled with a feeling of satisfaction and some are not – to say the least. But I plan on continuing.

  6. Wow! you are a busy woman – all this since 2003, I’m impressed as well as motivated.

    Do I make 79?

  7. You write, make music and paint? You’re like a classier version of myself. I love your work and I hope to see more. I’ll probably explore your work over the next coming days but I’ll try not to get obsessed.

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  11. Hope all is well with you. And if we don’t “talk” happy holidays!

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