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Nancy Curteman tells you how to create an author’s platform.


Get Rich Slow Scheme. Examiner.com

Get rich slow scheme, Verrrry slow.


I have a bunch of little articles on Examiner.com. Arts and Entertainment in the Bay area. If you go out and click on them, I get an ooch for each view. Something entirely insignificant, like a penny each. Or half an ooch. But every click counts. If you get a chance, please go clicking. 🙂


You can also click on the Examiner.com badge to the right

Becky Levine writes on her enlightenment while taking a “how to write a synopsis course.”

Becky Levine writes on her enlightenment while taking a “how to write a synopsis course.”


Brian Armstrong of UniversityTutor.com talks about how to use domain names to improve Google rankings.

Brian Armstrong of UniversityTutor.com talks about how to use domain names to improve Google rankings.

Read the whole article here. This entry is part 8 of 19 in the series UniversityTutor.com)

The Power Of Having Keywords In Your Domain Name

Iin this lesson, Brian talks about the power of having keywords in your domain (and subdomain) name. When he had multiple sites, he made sure the all had different domain names. He also made sure each site had separate content. He says not to duplicate content in multiple sites. The engines will detect duplicate content.

He recommends using  Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for.  Doing all this upped his hits, but he was still not seeing all the results he wanted, so he switched tactics and looked at putting keywords in Subdomain names.

Combining his sites into one domain: www.UniversityTutor.com made it easier to manage, but he didn’t want to lose the benefit of having keywords in the domain name(s). He decided to use regional subdomains. Each city that had a tutor program in it was a separate subdomain under UniversityTutor . (He even has it set up so a new subdomain is created automatically each time an tutor comes on board in a new city. His format of  “[SUBJECT] tutor [CITY]” like “algebra tutor austin,”  allows him the possibility of generating over x 1,000 = 40,000 potential keywords to rank for. Wow!)

To keep the ratings from his old, multiple domain system as he transitioned to the new single domain, multiple subdomain one, he used a “301 redirect” to tell Google (and other search engines) when he are moved. Subsequently, he used Rank Checker. (a free Firefox plugin) to check the status.

Thank you Brian for this lesson and the others at your site.

Free website and blog magazine. websitemagazine.com

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I just found this on the internet.  I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know anything about it. It is a free quarterly magazine.  FYI only at this time. Take a look and tell me what you think if you decide to subscribe.

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Clean Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word to WordPress

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Do you copy and paste from Word and get annoying html-ese like the above? Here’s what to do about it

From 8-common sense tips for writing clean wordpress blog posts.

1. Copy / Paste

This is where most non experienced WordPress users manage to really mess up their blog. And it’s so easy for them to do so! All it takes is the wrong kind of copy / paste: simply copy / pasting text from Word or from another web page will most likely add a lot of unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) CSS styles and HTML tags. It’s what I call “garbage”. Based on the source you copy from, there can

be a lot of garbage!

If you’re used to writing your posts directly in the WordPress editor, you won’t have this problem. But in some occasions, you do need copy / paste. So in order to avoid this issue, there are a couple of things you could do:

  • Click the Kitchen Sink button to show more options, click Paste as Plain Text (Paste from Word removes only some of the garbage) then paste your text there. You will loose simple styling such as bold text or links, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

See more tips like the ones listed below at 8-common sense tips for writing clean wordpress blog posts.

  1. The right way to use copy / paste in WordPress editor
  2. Using simple styling in your blog posts
  3. Adding images to your blog posts
  4. A few tips on linking to other pages / blogs
  5. The easy way to add a Read more link
  6. How to structure your posts using headings
  7. The reason why Text color is a bad idea
  8. How to clean up a post when things go wrong

Breakfast Blogging Club – tips for good blogging

Breakfast Blogging Club.  Free tips and newsletter.

What are the ingredients for a good blog?

  • Know who you’re cooking for? Who is your target audience?
  • Know what your end result will be. If you’re cooking an omelet, you need to know that at the start. If you’re writing a list of do’s and don’t’s you need to know that, too.
  • What experience or result to you want you readers, your audience, to have? Just like you want to offer a savory or maybe a sweet meal to you and your loved ones, you need to know what kind of flavor or emotional experience you want to offer your blog readers. Read more