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Profits yes, but for all involved.

“It’s the economy. stupid.” A quote (I think) from Clinton – Bill, that is. The problem is and has been – jobs.  I thought the Democrats were supposed to know that  but even they seem to have forgotten that. Social programs wouldnt be needed so much or even entitlements not so much if everyone had a chance at decent jobs. In the race for more profits, companies have forgotten what the profits are suppose to be for – a better life for everyone involved in the process, not just the top guys.   What good do profits do if the community, country, etc. doesn’t share in it?

Who said, “Everyone is  better off, when everyone is better off.”?  Society is more stable too. Sigh. When will we ever learn ……



Ways to Use Social Networking to Land Your Next Job

Ways to Use Social Networking to Land Your Next Job.

From AARP via the Washington Post.