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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and the Kabbalah

Nina Amir talks about Harry Pottter and The Deathly Hallows and  Kabbalah – Jewish themes.

New Harry Potter trailer features Jewish mystical themes

July 5, 3:11 PMJewish Issues Examiner

… having something to live for, which Harry professes to have, could be seen as a spiritual, if not just a Jewish theme, as well. The Kabbalah Centre claims a person can achieve immortality via Kabbalah; Voldemort claims he is the one who can live forever. Maybe his is a Kabbalist of the dark sort–the kind we are warned against?

I suggest Jews [and others] go see the Harry Potter movie, or rent the old ones (or read the books) and look for bits and pieces of Jewish mysticism. You might be surprised at what you find.

Read the full article at:  http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-7363-Jewish-Issues-Examiner~y2010m7d5-New-Harry-Potter-trailer-features-Jewish-mystical-themes?cid=publish_facebook%3A7363

Watch the trailer:

Leonard Nimoy

Lots more Leonard Nimoy at the following site:


A youTube from that site.

Never heard of Wichita Falls? Just ask Cybill Shepherd. Or Doris Day

I grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas. I am told by Facebook buddies I went to school with up with, that the movie theater in “The Last Picture Show” is in Olney. Olney, TX  is about 40 miles SW of W.F. Also, the swimming pool scene was shot at Phil Grace’s home (in W. F.). He went to my High School. They were rich and we were not which I guess is why I wasn’t in the movie. 😦

Another scene was at a motel and liquor store somewhere on old Seymour Hwy. A lot of the movie was filmed in Archer City, which is about 20 miles SW of W. F.

More W. F. trivia

I am also told that in  “Pillow Talk”, with Rick Hudson and Doris day, that the last line of dialog. “They’ll never believe this back in Wichita Falls!”

And… watching James Bond – License to Kill – with Timothy Dalton. The girl (Carey Lowell)  with the very short hair and slinky dress (while she is in the casino), says “I came all the way from Wichita Falls….”

The movies was set in the 50’s but filmed in the late 60’s. The smaller towns where the movie was made were Olney (very small) and Archer City. Looks like Anarene was/is in between (it still shows up on Yahoo Map). I never heard of it myself. Wichita Falls was actually a large town even in the 50’s with both oil boom millionaires and Shepard Air Force Base. Lots to do. And if there wasn’t – there were enough rich people to build something if it wasn’t already there. My high school (60 – 62) rated 4A in state and national events from football to scholastics. There were well over 600 people in my graduating class alone. Even the orchestra won state and district awards. The church I grew up in was a large gothic-style Methodist with so many people that they had separate choirs from children (2), teens, college and adult. And yes, people thought/think nothing of driving to Dallas for the day.

It wasn’t the most beautiful place in the world, for sure – nothing like the hill country around Austin or the piney woods to the east, but I still kind of hate it that people think Texas is all like Anarene, or the landscape in Giant.

Good old Wichita Falls.  Not so small, not so bad, and not as unknown as one might think.

Nice used one-owner car for sale. Only $5,000,000.00

In the market for a nice one-owner used car? It’s 45 years old and only has 30,000+ miles. Extras include a bullet-proof shield, revolving license plates, tracking devices, a roof panel you can remove, an oil slick sprayer, a nail spitter-outer and a smoke screen.

Aston Martin DB5

Interested? If you can hang on until October 27 and have somewhere between 5 and 7 million dollars, you could have a chance to bid for the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (British registration number FMP 7B) driven in James Bond movies.

See RM Auctions at http://www.rmauctions.com/Default.cfm?SaleCode=LF10

The DB5 was featured in five films (Goldfinger, Thunderball(Sean Connery), GoldenEye(Pierce Broanan, a small appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies, and Casino Royale(Daniel Craig)

See all the James Bond cars here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_vehicles

Current owner, Jerry Lee, bought the car for 12,000 dollars in 1969 and is selling it to help fund his charitable foundation.