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Want to digitize your memories?

Here’s a resource I ran across today. I haven’t ever used them so I am not recommending, just pointing out the website. They say they digitize videos, slides, photos, etc.  Anyone out there ever try this group?


Break through distractions.

Here’s a great article for getting rid of distractions. How to get through the to-do list. Heck I can’t even find the to-do list sometimes so I figured I really need all the advice in this area I can get. It was written for non-fiction writers, but I think it is applicable to any endeavor, writing or otherwise.  Let me know what you think.

How to Break Through Distractions and Get Your Projects Done
By Robert Skrob


Help! Where is that messiest house team when you need it?

I ran across this link  – http://organizedhome.com/cut-clutter/declutter-101-cut-clutter-at-home – while staring helplessly at the many messes in my house (and my life, I guess) not knowing where to start. I took some stuff out to a garage sale yesterday which was a miserable failure. I did drop the clothes off at a community center on the way home so I didn’t bring it all back to my garage.

We’ll see if the link helps although I do have books on the subject too. If I could find them. Sigh. Progress report later.